Cloud Backup Service Backblaze Raising its Price

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Backblaze is a popular service to back up your computer to the cloud. In its first price increase, the company announced it will go from US$5 to US$6 per month.

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Backblaze Price Increase

The price will increase starting March 11 5PM PT for both new and existing users:

The short answer is that we have enhanced the service in many ways and storage costs have gone up. We have continually removed impediments to getting data backed up — no file size restrictions, speeding up uploads, all while data sets have grown larger and larger. We’ve worked hard to avoid raising our prices, which resulted in some great storage innovations and has allowed us to keep our original prices for more than a decade. By making this decision now, we are ensuring we can continue to offer unlimited backup and keep improving our Computer Backup service.

Gleb Budman, Backblaze CEO
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I don’t use Backblaze anymore but it’s a highly useful service that gives you unlimited backups. People are generating more data every year. Mr. Budman mentions the 2011 floods in Thailand which affected the hard drive market, and the market still hasn’t fully recovered from this.

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