Black Friday 2021: Get 50 Percent Off iMazing

iMazing on MacBook

iMazing, the popular iOS device management software, is available with 50 percent off for Black Friday. It means that, for a limited time, a year’s license for use on unlimited iOS devices can be purchased for just US$22.49.

Fifty Percent Off iMazing For Black Friday

The discount also applies on purchases of licenses for a set number of devices.  For example, iMazing on three devices costs US$24.99 instead of the usual US$49.99, or US$64.99 for 10, instead of US$129.99. Limited device licenses are a one-off purchase, as opposed to annual for the unlimited license. The former can be installed on any Mac or PC, while the latter can be installed on up to two.

The Black Friday offer is applied automatically at checkout at the iMazing store while available.

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