Here are the Top 10 Blockchain Predictions for 2022

2022 blockchain predictions

Blockchain Coinvestors has released its predictions for 2022. Every year the team publishes their predictions for the year ahead. Their 2021 predictions were accurate with only two misses.

2022 Blockchain Predictions

  1. US, EU, and UK will announce pilots
  2. Bank ecosystem players will offer crypto solutions
  3. Hybrid wallet trend will accelerate
  4. Bitcoin spot ETF will be approved
  5. Global acceleration in investment activity
  6. NFTs will become hit-driven business
  7. Over 10 new blockchain enterprise unicorns
  8. Over 100 crypto projects will have over US$1 billion market caps
  9. Over 10 blockchain companies will go public
  10. Highest returns will still come from early stage

Blockchain Coinvestors will also introduce their 2022 Blockchain Unicorns list in a webinar. There will be two presentations on December 6: The first at 7:00AM PT (10:00 AM ET), the second at 12:00PM PT (3:00 PM ET). You can register here.

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