Brave Debuts AI Assistant Leo on iPhone and iPad With Voice-To-Text Support

Brave debuts AI assistant Leo on iPhone and iPad

Brave has launched its AI assistant, Leo, on iPhone and iPad. It comes hot on the heels of its successful debut on Android and desktop platforms, including Windows and MacOS. Starting today, iOS and iPadOS users can use it.

However, one surprise feature is yet to be made available on Android; Brave Leo on iOS and iPad brings voice-to-text support, allowing users to speak their queries aloud and let the AI handle the searching. In addition, Leo can be integrated into web browsing and standalone use. The company further added that it excels in real-time webpage and PDF summarization, content queries, instant answers, generating content, translating pages, and writing code across multiple languages.

Per the announcement blog, Brave introduces a trio of powerful language models bundled within its system: Mixtral 8x7B, Claude Instant, and Llama 2 13B. Among these, Mixtral comes as the standout default language model (LLM), with English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish proficiency. The blog post touts Mixtral’s superiority, further claiming it has outperformed the likes of OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 and other competitors on the LMSYS Chatbot Arena Leaderboard.

Consequently, Mixtral 8x7B is Leo’s default LLM on desktop platforms. However, for iOS users, Brave Leo offers a unique proposition. It offers a paid plan, Leo Premium, priced at $14.99 per month which gives iOS users access to several LLM options beyond Mixtral 8x7B and works across other supported platforms.

That said, Brave Leo for iOS is now available for all iPhone and iPad users who’ve updated to version 1.63. It’s rolling out gradually, so if you don’t see it yet, check back in sometime. Usually, these rollouts are gradual, or in batches. Once you’ve installed the latest update, open the browser, type in the address bar, and click “Ask Leo.” For on-page chat, tap “…” then Leo to begin.


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