Research Shows British Consumers Love Apple Pay

Research from Stripe shows that 27% of British consumers use Apple Pay online, as opposed to 14% in the United States (via TheNextWeb).

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British Consumers Online

I would love to use Apple Pay more online, but unfortunately websites like Amazon and eBay don’t support it. Maybe I need to broaden my shopping horizon. Further statistics:

Apple Pay Cash

Firstly, Brits are consummate fans of online shopping and food delivery. Two-thirds of Brits have used e-commerce sites like ASOS and Amazonin the past year alone.

Brits are also more enthusiastic about food delivery services like Deliveroo and UberEATS. According to Stripe’s research, one-in-five have ordered food from these services, compared to the US, where that number plummets to one-in-ten.

Once you’ve entered your payment information and save it with Apple Pay, using the payment service is fast. Ease-of-use is probably one of the biggest statistics to look at when it comes to shopping.

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