Costco Digital Membership Card Launches on iOS

A Costco Digital Membership Card has launched in its iOS app, to let customers pay for goods with their phone (via Macrumors).

Costco Digital Membership Card

The card is only available within the app and can’t be added to iOS Wallet, even though Costco accepts Apple Pay. To get started:

  1. Download the Costco app and sign in
  2. Tap the new Membership tab to activate the Digital Membership Card

When you’re ready for a purchase, the cashier will scan your QR code. Members can also see their reward balance and renew their membership within the app.

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Lee Dronick

even though Costco accepts Apple Pay

At Costco I could never get Apple Pay to work with my debit card, it only seems to work with their credit card.

Lee Dronick

Update. I tried Apple Pay at Costco and it worked with my debit card. When I first tried last year or so it didn’t work, maybe it was software on their terminal.