Wait? Could HQ Trivia Come Back?!

HQ Trivia logo

The company behind HQ Trivia shut down in dramatic fashion last week. However, the live game-show app may yet live on according, to CEO Rus Yusupov.

HQ Trivia logo

HQ Trivia ‘Will Live On’

In a Twitter thread, Mr. Yusupov revealed he spent the weekend calling potential investors, following a “very hard day” on Friday. The CEO saidĀ  he had found a “new home for HQ” and that while it was “not a done deal yet” he remained “optimistic.”

On Friday, all 25 remaining HQ Trivia staff were laid off. Mr. Yuspov said the staff, contractors, and players were the “top priority,” including organizing severance pay for those laid off. He also pledged that any future version of the app would be anĀ improvement on before and “less buggy.” The show may still go on!

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