Deezer Data Reveals Need For Mood Music and Meditation

New data from Deezer has revealed a growth in listening to radio, as well as certain types of music and podcasts, during the coronavirus pandemic. There has also been a shift in the peak listening time and the devices used to streaming audio.

Deezer Finds The Mood Music for Lockdown

On March 24, Deezer launched a Stay at Home channel. Since then, certain podcast types have been booming. This includes daily active users of kids podcasts rocketing 218 percent in a week. Meanwhile, sports coaching was up 194 percent and meditation increased 132 percent. Users have also been listening to live radio more, while plays of Deezer’s ‘Work From Home’ playlist rose by 318 percent. The Yoga & Meditation playlist was not far behind, with a 366 percent increase in a week. Mood music is very much the order of the day, with notable rises in listening to channels like ‘Mellow Days’.

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, Deezer found peak listening occurred at 7 am on a weekday. Now it has moved to 9/10 am. Another unsurprising change is the shift in the type of device people are listening to content on. Instead of mobile devices, streams on Smart TVs and speakers, tablets and PC have all increased. Between March 2 and March 22, listening on Xbox rose 60 percent. The company is currently offering three-months of its HiFi and Family packages for free.

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