Delta Retro Game Emulator Is Coming to iPad

delta emulator testing on iPad

Earlier this year, Apple lifted its restrictions on game emulators. As expected, a fair share of emulators have landed on the App Store. I tried out Delta Emulator on my iPhone and was fairly surprised. The quality of gameplay and control was top-notch. Furthermore, I loved the controller layout. Now, Delta Emulator is taking things to the next level with an app designed specifically for the iPad. 

delta emulator testing on iPad

A full-fledged retro game emulator app on iPad is very tempting. The bigger screen real estate should help enhance the gaming quality. And it would be more fun playing retro games on iPad landscape mode. 

Delta seems to be doing the right thing. I noticed that most other emulators were shown the door on App Store. Well, Delta was available for iPhone for quite some time. However, you had to go through the troubles of sideloading it via Altstore. Not sure how to use Delta on iPhone? Check out our super handy guide. 

Riley Tesut from Delta explained on Threads that an iPad app is imminent. As we speak, the Delta team is weeding out some last-minute bugs and adding finishing touches to the app. And for those impatient retro gamers, the app is available on AltStore for Delta patrons. 

Multi-player Support on Delta Emulator

A lot of people are curious about multi-gamer support on Delta. Well, Riley does have some answers. Fortunately, the Threads post says that Delta is working on device-to-device multiplayer. However, multiplayer support could take some time. 

Emulator is one of the best ways to play retro games on modern devices. Do note that you need to own the ROM’s to play. The emulator is simply a platform to play your games. Lastly, we hope Nintendo doesn’t sue emulators like it recently did with Yuzu. Which is your favorite retro game? Let us know in the comments below. 

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