Developers Reveals WWDC 2020 Swift Student Challenge Winners Jacket And Pins

Apple revealed the winners of the WWDC 2020 Swift Student Challenge on Tuesday. Now one of them has shared some of the swag he and his cohorts have been sent.

WWDC 2020 jacket at pins given to Student Swift Challenge
(Image Credit: @ChainReactGames)

More Hints at WWDC 2020 Reveals?

Brayden Gogis, better known as the developer Chain Reaction Games, tweeted an image of an Emoji Plaid Jacket that he had been sent, alongside some pins.

He also shared a close-up of the pins and an image of the rather stylish box it all arrived in.

As we’ve noted elsewhere, you can’t help but notice a theme in all this. It seems likely that emoji and Memoji are going to be something we hear a bit about during WWDC 2020.

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