Disney Pulling Marvel, Star Wars Movies from Netflix for its Own Streaming Service

Disney launching its own streaming television subscription service

When Disney announced its own streaming content service in August and split from Netflix the big question was, “What happens to the Star Wars and Marvel movies?” Now we know the answer: they leaving Netflix, too.

Disney launching its own streaming television subscription service
Disney is joining the pay-per-channel streaming video model

Disney’s streaming service is launching in 2019 and its own movies, along with the Star Wars and Marvel flicks, will be coming along for the ride. Marvel’s original TV shows such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Defenders, will stay on Netflix—at least for now.

The House of Mouse also plans to develop some new TV shows and movies that are exclusive to the streaming service, according to CNBC.

Marvel’s movies, along with the Star Wars movies, will be a big loss for Netflix considering the popularity of the franchises.

If you want to stream Disney’s shows and movies that means another monthly subscription to add to your budget. Let’s say you’re into Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix), Man in the High Castle (Amazon Prime), Game of Thrones (HBO), Twin Peaks (Showtime), and Ironman (Disney), you’re looking at five monthly subscription fees. Those add up quickly and can make traditional cable television subscriptions more enticing than going à la carte.

For Disney, this is another way to make more money off of its properties. Since that’s the end game it’s no surprise this is the path they’re taking.

3 thoughts on “Disney Pulling Marvel, Star Wars Movies from Netflix for its Own Streaming Service

  • For me, the answer is simple. I have Netflix, and will not subscribe to Disney, HBO, Showtime, etc. Or cable.

    IMO, Disney is a huge conglomerate / oligopoly that needs to be broken up, as it is. With multiple ESPN channels and ABC hey have too much control over televised sports, and restrict people from watching sports that used to be free (OTA). They have bought up a lot of film companies, and have TV, theme parks, etc. If they are not restricting choice and/or keeping prices high, their enormous size definitely reduces jobs (that existed before their mergers and acquisitions).

  • You make a good point. If everyone wants to charge full bore for their own bit of content then the total will be more than cable. If I were a betting man, I’d put money on, or buy stock in, traditional cable companies.

    I suspect a lot of people will balk at the idea if juggling four, five, six, subscriptions for more money than a cable package. Especially if it’s on top of the connection fee they already pay.

    Now factor in the Trump Administration that will unquestionably let service providors throttle and/or charge more to stream some content sources in favour of their own and you are looking at a strong resurgance of the traditional cable companies.

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