Dyson’s Electronic Vehicle Plans Revealed

Dyson Electric Vehicle

Dyson, the company best known for vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, is planning an electric vehicle.  Patents and a memo from founder Sir James Dyson were revealed Thursday (via Telegraph).

Dyson Building on Propriety Technology

The documents indicated the vehicle will have large wheels, similar to the Mini. The aim is the vehicle is suitable for both “city and rough terrain.” The driver will sit in a reclining position behind a steeply raked windscreen. The cabin will be large, providing space a large battery.  The electronic vehicle will be built in Singapore where the Dyson is headquartered, according to the firm.

In the memo to staff, Sir James said (via iNews):

All of this would build on our propriety motor and battery technology and our in-house research, across multiple core technologies including air treatment, purification, heating and cooling, alongside aerodynamics, vision systems and software electronics.


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