Editorial mistakes & covering rumors at The Mac Observer


We acknowledge and would like to offer our public apologies for the editorial mistake that happened yesterday, April 16th, in MacObserver’s newsroom.

The views of one of our contributing writers, known as leaksapplepro (https://twitter.com/LeaksApplePro), were made public on our website without proper verifications from our news editor. The article in question (now retracted) was self-published and skipped the editorial team’s verifications. This led to the propagation in various news outlets of the views of leaksapplepro and the impression that we shared those views.

We didn’t. It was an editorial oversight. One that we acknowledge and apologize for.

We have stopped collaborating with the source and the news editor who let this pass through.

We have also contacted most sources that spread the news, and we’ve tried to make amends. I would like to personally thank the following outlets for spotting this grave error:

  • Michael Wuerthele, managing editor at AppleInsider , who spared some time to have a brief conversation and helped us understand the implications. He later updated his article by mentioning our retraction.
  • Mark Gurman, chief correspondent for Bloomberg: https://twitter.com/markgurman/status/1780283608294375928
  • Stephen Warwick, news editor at iMore, who reached out on Twitter and offered his sympathies about the event. He later updated his article by mentioning our retraction.
  • Ben Lovejoy from 9to5Mac, whom I have contacted has graciously mentioned our retraction in their main article.

And many more.

We are invested in optimizing the reporting process and uncovering quality scopes and rumors in the Apple world.

Even though The Mac Observer was born in 1998, it has experienced some rough times and lost its shine several years ago. When Reflector Media acquired the website in December 2022, we set out to invest heavily in the project and restore some of its former glory. The road to that goal is treacherous and paved with learnings, most of which came from mistakes.

We will dedicate more effort and energy to providing quality scopes. When it comes to rumors, we are going to take a step back for the moment and return when our process is better.

If you’d like to lend a helping hand, consider joining us. We are dedicated to upgrading our current team and welcome passionate applicants. We have the following roles open:

One thought on “Editorial mistakes & covering rumors at The Mac Observer

  • Thanks for the information. As I have reported many times (check my messages), the problem with MacObserver now (not years ago) is that some articles are either written by someone who has no idea about the topic, or by artificial intelligence. I guess that it is the latter, since they are obsolete and filled with errors. All wrong. That is a very very very serious matter that has the potential of breaking MacObserver for ever. You have the possibility to avoid that. And I hope so. The decision is yours.

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