Emulator for PlayStation, Wii, SEGA Genesis, and More Coming to the App Store Soon

Emulator running on apple tv

A few days ago Apple announced a change in the App Store policies to allow developers to submit emulators. Something that used to be unthinkable is now a reality. And the best thing is that many studios and developers are already working on it. That’s the case of Provenance or Delta.

The lead developer of Provenance has revealed to iMore that they are already working on launching their popular emulator on the App Store. This would be available for the iPhone and the Apple TV. Provenance. Users would be able to emulate devices like PlayStation, Wii, SEGA Genesis, and more.

It is important to note that downloading Nintendo, Sony or other studios’ titles for free for an emulator may be against copyright law. Many countries don’t consider it a crime as long as it’s done for private use, but this differs from country to country, so it’s best to be safe and avoid it. Unfortunately, the developers of Provenance have not yet disclosed an official release date. Therefore, we’ll have to keep waiting until they make a new announcement. Or until their emulator pops up in the App Store. Joseph Mattiello said:

“I need to investigate these new rules before an App Store submission, and to improve some quality-of-life issues. Also, I need to change some things to adhere to the App Store’s rules, such as mentioning “beta”.


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