eNom Data Outage Causing Domain Resolution Issues

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An eNom data outage from a data center migration resulted in problems with domain name resolution. Customers report problems with website and email access (via Bleeping Computer).

eNom Data Outage

The report from Sunday said that the eNom data outage as seen by some customers was the result of the company migrating to a different data center. It doesn’t appear as if the company warned its customers, resulting in tweets such as this one.

Writes @pieter277: “My google apps gmail is not getting email, turns out DNS is not working because @enom is doing “a datacenter move” that ran into problems. What medieval times are these when a datacenter move brings down DNS for organizations? Advance warning would have been nice @enomsupport.”

The company received many such reports as shared on its status webpage:

We are receiving some reports of domains using our nameservers which are failing to resolve. Owing to the migration we are unable to research and fully address the issue until the migration is complete. This is not an expected outcome from the migration, and we are working to address it as a priority.

However, the company has been able to implement a solution as of today. It requires no action from customers.

  • Impacted customers should see their websites resolve imminently
  • Any email service interruptions related to missing MX records should be resolved
  • Resellers can now successfully generate the list of domains in their account using the eNom Control Panel

If you continue to experience resolution issues, eNom recommends clearing your browser history/cache. At this time, the ability to update DNS records via the eNom Control Panel and API will remain disabled. Any DNS update requests have been backlogged and will be provisioned as soon as we’ve implemented our system-wide solution. New domain registrations and renewals continue to process normally.

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