Project Erasmus Update: A Quantum Leap in UI

After I wrote about Project Erasmus, an insanely cool UI project by Bob Burrough, he was kind enough to send me a new video where he shares another demo. In this one he explains it a bit more and shows some more use cases.

[Former Apple Engineer Unveils Project Erasmus]

Project Erasmus

In this video Mr. Burrough shows more of the technology, and gave an example of how this UI could be implemented. When a person is scrolling an article in Safari that has an advertisement, it could use the UI to let the user know that the content is interactive. The content can be put in a file wrapper and transmitted like any other piece of content, and it sounds like the 3D aspect would be preserved.

On his website Mr. Burrough also wrote about how Erasmus could be used in low-lit environments. Say you’re in a movie theater and get a text on your phone. With a non-Erasmus phone, the screen is bright and shines a beacon into the dark room. With an Erasmus phone, the UI could be carefully designed so that things on the screen are gently lit enough so that the screen isn’t bright, but you can still see the content, like a dark mode.

As we discussed on an episode of Daily Observations, augmented reality was the first area we thought of where Project Erasmus would shine (no pun intended). I’ve always been bullish on the rumor that Apple will create AR glasses, and Erasmus seems like it would be perfect for that.

[Project Erasmus, Keeping Resolutions – TMO Daily Observations 2019-01-02]

Featured image by Shrey Khurana on Unsplash

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