European Disney+ Subscribers May Have to Wait a Bit Longer to Watch All of The Mandalorian

LONDON – Disney+ is heading to the UK and other European countries next month. However, subscribers, there may have to wait a little longer until they can watch the whole of The Mandalorian. 

Disney+ The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian Episodes ‘Rolling Out’ on Disney+ in Europe

In a Twitter thread asking a number of FAQs, the Disney+ UK account said that “episodes will start to roll out” from when the service goes live. This indicates that they will not all be available from launch.

A separate tweet in the thread said that “there will be some variation in content between countries.”

It looks then like European viewers may have to wait a little longer for The Mandalorian and some other Disney+ content. The service will go live in Europe on March 24.

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