Experiment to See if Apple Watch Can Help Detect COVID-19

Vial of blood marked positive for coronavirus..

Apple has teamed up with researchers from the Seattle Flu Study and the University of Washington. The aim is to understand how Apple Watch and iPhones can help to predict respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19.

Six Month Project to See if Apple Watch Can Detect COVID-19

Participants have to fill out a short survey in the Apple Research iPhone app every week and wear an Apple Watch provided by the study both day and night. They will be provided with nasal swabs testing for COVID-19 as well as any acute respiratory illness if they get ill while participating. Those who live in the greater Seattle area, are aged 22 years or older, have an Apple iPhone 6s or above, and speak and read English are eligible. Participants must be able to participate for up to six months. The ultimate aim is to find out whether the Apple Watch and iPhone can detect early signs of respiratory illnesses like COVID-19.

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