Apple Films Will Be Shown in Movie Theaters Before TV+

Apple will release some of its feature-length movies into theaters weeks before they are available on Apple TV+. The Wall Street Journal revealed that Apple has held discussions on the issue with cinema chains and also spoken to an advertising executive about the plans.

Theater Release Before Apple TV+ to Avoid Clash With Hollywood

Apple’s approach is designed to avoid the issues Netflix had when it first wanted to put movies into theaters. It wanted to stream the films at the same time they were in theaters. This limited the number of chains that were prepared to show its productions. Apple, however, looks set to follow in the footsteps of Amazon which has a delay between theater release and streaming availability.

Apple is set to release the film On the Rocks in mid-2020. Starring Rashida Jones and Bill Murray, the film is a collaboration with independent studio A24. It is also looking to put its documentary The Elephant Queen into movie theaters. That is though set to be available when Apple TV+ launches on November 1st.

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You can wait to watch them at home or watch in your spare time on the playtv geh baixar app

Lee Dronick

I can wait to watch them at home. Besides the popcorn and beer is cheaper at home and I can pause the movie to get rid of beer that my body processes.