First Crypto Single Sign-On Option Launches for Ethereum, Polygon


Unstoppable Domains has launched the first-ever crypto Single Sign-On (SSO) option for Ethereum and Polygon. It’s called Login With Unstoppable.

Crypto Single Sign-On

Login With Unstoppable is a crypto Single Sign-On service that lets people to share data, such as email addresses, NFTs, and off-chain information, with applications they use, all using an Unstoppable domain. It aims to address the username and password issues that have plagued Web2 by allowing people to select one unique username in the form of an NFT domain, such as “yourname.crypto.” Unlike traditional emails and logins, NFT domains are 100% user owned, and data sharing is fully permissioned.

Matthew Gould, Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Domains:

Web3 needs a better onboarding experience, and this foundational layer for digital identity is fundamental for our customers and partners in achieving this mission. Login with Unstoppable provides a foundation for digital identity in the Web3 era by allowing people to carry a unique username across wallets, apps, services, games, and the metaverse. NFT domains now become a unique internet identifier that can be used as a login with Web3 superpowers.

Over 50 companies are already integrating the crypto Single Sign-On. Along with Atlantis.World, early users include gaming apps Drakons, MegaCryptoPolis, Farsite, and ChainGuardians; Metaverse app Parcel, NFT projects Deadheads and The Radiant Society, DeFi projects Cook Finance, DeHive, GoodGhosting, Pruf, SonikChain, WSBDapp, Saddle Finance, and; and IP company EducationNFT.

Unstoppable domains has documentation for its SSO on this webpage. It gives integration guides, overall features, and related libraries for each installation option.

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