First Toyota CarPlay Vehicles Coming This Spring

Although the company has been the longest CarPlay holdout, Toyota CarPlay vehicles are coming this spring. The models will be the 2019 Avalon, as well as other 2019 models like the luxury Lexis brand.

Toyota CarPlay

CarPlay isn’t the only “first” coming to the Avalon. Other technologies include Dynamic Auxiliary Turn Signals, authentic Yamaha wood, and aluminum cabin accents, as well as Engine Sound Enhancement.

Image of 2016 Toyota Avalon. Toyota CarPlay vehicles are arriving this spring.
2016 Toyota Avalon

CarPlay compatibility will work with the Entune 3.0 and Enform 2.0 multimedia systems. Although Entune 3.0 is available in some 2018 models, like the Camry and Sienna, Toyota said┬áit doesn’t plan to support pre-2019 vehicles for CarPlay.

The CarPlay systems will have a wired connection, so you’ll have to connect your iPhone via USB. The cars will support remote control functions via smartwatches and Amazon Alexa, like starting the engine, seeing the fuel level, and locking/unlocking doors.

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