Forget iPhone Flip and Fold, Apple Files Patent for Stretchable Displays

Apple has filed a patent for a new display technology: a screen that can stretch. This patent, number US 20240210995 A1, could be a major shift from foldable and flipable displays to entirely new design possibilities for iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, and even Apple Vision Pros.

Currently, most displays, including those on iPhones and iPads, are made of rigid glass, which limits their shape. Many companies, including Samsung and Google, have been exploring foldable displays for some time now, but they have limitations.

The joint/crease is visible on this screen, not when you’re looking at the screen perpendicularly as people mostly do, but even the slightest deviation in the viewing angle makes the crease visible, and it can be frustrating for some. Apple’s patent describes a display that can be stretched thanks to a clever combination of rigid and flexible components.

Earlier this month, the foldable iPhones were again in discussion, as it was revealed that they had been delayed due to “strict requirements” for crease resistance and should, hence, be out in 2027. But some rumors say that “foldable hybrid” will be out in 2025 followed by foldable iPhones in 2026. Last month, there were more rumors about Apple working on a 20-inch foldable ‘crease-free’ screen

Think of it as a phone screen that expands to reveal more content when you need it, for example, for seeing a panoramic picture or a long list of items.

Instead of a single sheet of material, the screen would have many rigid “islands” containing the pixels connected by a highly stretchable material. This will let the overall display stretch without damaging the delicate pixels. The patent also talks about solutions for potential challenges, like maintaining electrical connections and preventing light leakage during stretching, which you can read about in detail here.

It’s important to note that this is just a patent, and there’s no guarantee Apple will bring a stretchable display to market. We found this info via Apple World Today.

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