Google Chrome on iOS Gets Five New Features

chrome on ios

Google announced five new features in the latest version of Chrome on iOS. One of the features includes enhanced safe browsing, which gives users more proactive and tailored protection from phishing, malware, and other web-based threats.

Enhanced Safe Browsing with Google Chrome on iOS

The latest version of Chrome on iOS introduced enhanced safe browsing. If this is turned on iPhone and iPad,  the Google Chrome browser will predict and warn users of dangerous web pages. Chrome sends information about the websites to Google Safe Browsing for checking. Additionally, if users type in their credentials on a website, Chrome will issue a warning if their usernames and passwords get compromised via a third-party data breach. Google Chrome then suggests changing these compromised usernames and passwords as soon as possible.

Other New Features of Chrome on iOS

Aside from the enhanced safe browsing feature, Chrome on iOS also allows users to set Google Password Manager as the Autofill provider. This will enable users to quickly and securely create, store and fill in passwords on any websites or apps on iOS devices.

Another new feature of Chrome on iOS allows users to easily discover new content or start a fresh search. This is particularly useful when Chrome has not been used for a long time. The feature will allow users to easily browse content or get back to their frequently visited websites quickly.

Google Chrome on iOS also launched an updated language identification model. This will accurately figure out the language of the page that users are visiting. It will also determine whether the website needs to be translated to match the language preference of the user.

Lastly, Google Chrome on iOS will soon be rolling out Chrome Actions. This feature will help users get more things done quickly from the Chrome address bar. It will allow users to type an action’s title into the Chrome address bar. Chrome can also predict if a user will benefit from a Chrome Action based on the words that have been typed. Essentially, Chrome Actions make it faster to do common activities. These include clearing browsing data, opening incognito tab, and setting Chrome as the default browser.

Google also said that there will be more enhancements to Chrome on iOS in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, users may download the latest Chrome on iOS for free from the App Store.

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