Google Currents is the Reanimated Corpse of Google+

Google+ is sort of back. Google still has the code and is resurrecting the service into Google Currents. It’s basically Google+ for enterprise customers, so Google can compete with Facebook Workplace (via ArsTechnica).

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Google Currents

Google Currents is launching as a beta service that G Suite admins can request access to. It looks the same as Google+ but with a different logo and slightly different color scheme (more white). It joins Google Hangouts Chat as enterprise-focused tools.

Image of google currents
  • Currents make it easy to have meaningful discussions by enabling leaders and employees to exchange ideas across the organization without flooding email inboxes.
  • Currents connects employees to useful and timely content that is personalize to their role and interests.
  • Admins can shape the discussions in the organization by creating custom streams to promote specific content to a targeted set of employees or the entire company.

If you’re a G-suite admin you can sign up for the beta by emailing [email protected].

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