Greyhound surpassed previous records and generated the biggest opening-weekend release on Apple TV+. The Tom Hanks WWII movie, which arrived on Friday, also brought in a significant proportion of new signups to the service. Thirty percent of viewers are understood to have been newcomers (via Deadline).

‘Greyhound’ Breaks Apple TV+ Records

It’s known exactly which movie or series Greyhound surpassed, nor how many viewers it actually attracted. However, combined with the new signups, Apple must be starting to feel pleased about its investment in Greyhound. The limited series Defending Jacob, which stars Chris Evans, was previously understood to have broken records.

[Apple TV+ ‘Greyhound’ Review]

Film Partly Shot Onboard Retired Navy Vessel

Mr. Hanks appears on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday. During the interview, the actor revealed that executives had tried to take out some of the military terms from the movie. Mr. Hanks didn’t explain whether that was Apple execs or those from other studios. Given, he previously had to walk back on comments made about Apple, that’s probably for the best.

He also revealed that for around two weeks the cast and crew show Greyhound onboard USS Kidd, a retired Navy vessel, on the Missippi River.

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Well I really enjoy my free ATV + subscription, but I have binged most of what i wanted to quite some time ago and new content although coming does not quite warrant a $60 buck a year fee.The service has pretty high quality stuff, but it still is pretty limited. I don’t know how they fix that in the short term, but I hope in the longer term they get 10-12 times the amount of content they have now. Then I see the service possibly being viable in the format they have it right now. Perhaps they can do some… Read more »

Lee Dronick

also brought in a significant proportion of new signups to the service.”
I bet that Apple didn’t see that coming. 😀