HazeOver Updated for macOS Big Sur With 1.8.8 Update

HazeOver screenshot

HazeOver received a 1.8.8 update on Sunday that supports macOS Big Sur and the Control Center in particular.

HazeOver 1.8.8 Update

HazeOver is an app that dims app windows in the background to help you focus on your current task/active window more easily. You can set the hazing intensity and speed to your liking, like a soft dimming, undemanding hint to focus on your workflow. Or a powerful dark background for outright dedication to your current task.

In the new update, HazeOver features:

  • New menu look to match the Control Center in macOS Big Sur.
  • Hide any menu items for a cleaner look.
  • Native support for Macs with new Apple Silicon chip.

You can purchase it in the Mac App Store for US$9.99 or try it with a Setapp subscription.

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