Behind the History of Oceanhorn on Apple Arcade

Oceanhorn Chronos trigger game art

Cornfox & Bros is the indie studio that created Oceanhorn. In anticipation of the latest title in the series, Oceanhorn: Chronos Trigger, Tommaso De Benetti, Communications Director at Cornfox & Bros, discussed the series (via The Gamer).

Oceanhorn: Chronos Trigger

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Our results on the App Store have been genuinely excellent over time, especially when considering that the original Oceanhorn was priced higher than what premium games went for in 2013. That was a wise choice that didn’t devalue our title, and people responded well to it.


Apple came in when the game had been in development already five years or so, so there wasn’t much impact on the vision. After a year of Apple Arcade, they also developed new guidelines for the games ending up on the service, and with Chronos Dungeon, we are collaborating a bit more closely.


Chronos Dungeon also covers some events between the other two Oceanhorn titles, so we thought it would be an excellent way to get something out that doesn’t require five years to develop. This one took about two, but of course, we’re also planning to support it down the line with more content and updates.

Find Oceanhorn: Chronos Trigger on the App Store here, tap the Get button, and you’ll receive a notification once it’s released.

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