How the Coronavirus Outbreak is Altering Podcast Listening Habits

podcasts in iOS 11

The coronavirus outbreak seems to be having a real effect on podcast listening habits around the world. That’s according to new data from Voxnest.

podcasts in iOS 11

Turning to Spirituality and Religion Podcasts

In Italy, one of the worst-hit countries, listening increased by 10 percent and then stabilized from the start of March. The U.S. so far has been pretty stable, while listening in Europe as a whole has increased on the whole. What is really interesting is the types of podcasts people are listening to. In Italy, listens in the Spirituality & Religion category have rocketed, up 15 times the normal amount of listens. Both Self-Improvement and Marketing have received five times the normal amount of listens, and there’s been a three-fold increase in the Kids category too.

The variation in the U.S. is less pronounced so far. Listens to ‘Books’ podcasts have increased two-and-half times over, whilst Spirituality & Religion is also getting 1.5 times the usual amount of listens. Current affairs, unsurprisingly, also remains a very popular category.

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