Huawei Boss: ‘Apple is my Teacher’

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei said he would oppose any move to ban Apple from China. He said he would be “the first to protest” against any such move.

Huawei Boss – ‘Why go Against my Teacher?’

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Mr. Ren said he did not believe China would ban firms like Apple in response to Huawei being blacklisted by the U.S. “That will not happen,” he said. Mr. Ren also said he would protest any such move by the Chinese government. “If that happens, I’ll be the first to protest,” said the Huawei CEO. “Apple is my teacher, it’s in the lead,” he added. “As a student, why go against my teacher? Never.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the Huawei boss dismissed U.S. President Donald Trump seemingly using his firm as a bargaining chip in negotiations with China. “It’s a big joke,” said Mr. Ren. “How are we related to China-U.S. trade?”

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