Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief on the iTunes Store

iTunes Store Hurricane Harvey Red Cross donations page

Apple is taking Red Cross donations for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts with a special iTunes Store page. Donation options range from US$5 to $200.

iTunes Store Hurricane Harvey Red Cross donations page
Done to Hurricane Harvey Red Cross relief on the iTunes Store

Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas and Luisiana over the weekend. The Red Cross has responded to help victims and is looking for donations for its relief program.

Apple CEO Tim Cook highlighted the special iTunes Store donation page on Twitter saying, “Prayers for Texas and all those affected by #HurricaneHarvey.”

You can make donations to the hurricane relief efforts by visiting Apple’s special iTunes Store page.

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Lee Dronick

Seeing as my bank no longer has the donate button on the ATMs, maybe they are updating the screens, I went to iTunes and donated. I can’t understand why they need to have cookies enabled in Safari in order to donate via iTunes, the two apps should be separate.