Hyundai and Apple Are ‘in Discussions’ About Electric Vehicle Production

Car with Apple logo

Hyundai has confirmed it is in early-stage talks with Apple about working together on an electric vehicle. It comes as rumours abound about Apple’s move into the mobility market.

Electric Vehicle Discussion Happening, But Roll Out Some Time Away

On Friday, a Hyundai spokesperson told The Financial Times:

Apple and Hyundai are in discussions, but as it is at an early stage, nothing has been decided. However, a later statement was less firm. It referenced “requests for potential co-operation from various companies,” instead. No surprise, there has been no comment from Apple itself.

While Project Titan has been known about for a while, any tangible move (for customers, at leats) into the autonomous and/or electric vehicle space by Apple still is likely some years down the line. A report Thursday suggested we could be waiting between five and seven years for an Apple Car to hit the road. This lines up pretty well with a report from South Korea that said a Hyundai-Apple electric vehicle will become available in 2027.

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