Good news for fans of Apple nostalgia – the Music Quiz game from Click Wheel era iPods looks set to return in iOS 14. It is hidden in a Shortcut uncovered in a forthcoming version of the operating system (via 9to5Mac).

iOS 14 Sees Return of iPod Music Quiz

For those younger readers, the iPod Music Quiz worked like this – your device played you a few seconds of a song from your library, you then had to use the Click Wheel to select which one it was. The updated version reportedly works on the same principle, using tracks you’ve purchased through iTunes. It also works if you have an Apple Music subscription. It only works in the Music app (so not Spotify, Deezer etc.) To access it, go to the Shortcuts app > My Shortcuts > Search for Music Quiz. When you have given the Shortcut access to your Apple Music library, you can play along.


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