iOS 14 Developer Beta 2 Now Available

iOS 14 Developer Beta 2 landed Tuesday. It is the first update since WWDC.

iOS 14 Developer Beta 2

iOS 14 Developer Beta is Here

There are few new things in this latest release (via 9to5Mac): In iOS 14, you cannot install an update if you’re playing audio on your device. A message that says “This update cannot be installed while audio is playing,” is displayed. There is a new icon for the Calendar app, the small Reminders widget now shows a task where it previously just showed a count,  “quick access files you’ve recently opened” is now available in the Files app widget,  users can manually disable animated cover art in Music while on WiFi, and the hands on the icon for the Clock app has been made a little bit thicker.

[Here’s How to Get the Developer and Public iOS 14 Beta]

Xcode 12 beta 2 and Xcode 12 for macOS Universal Apps beta 2 were also been released on the same day.

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