iOS 17.3 Beta 3 Brings Boot Loop Fix and New Features

Apple recently rolled out and then quickly rolled back its new iOS 17.3 beta. Known as “beta 2,” the update sent some devices into a boot loop, leading Apple to skip the second beta in favor of a more stable third version. It rolled out yesterday, bringing several updates and a fix for the dreaded boot loop issue.

The company introduced a new Stolen Device Protection feature that can disable certain features and require Face ID along with the passcode for devices compromised by thieves. It also requires a time delay to prevent a thief from turning off tracking and security features.

Apple reintroduced collaborative playlists with the update, allowing users to share the creation, editing, and organization of playlists. The idea is to make the Music app more social and engaging, and users are expected to be able to share emojis in a baked-in messaging function. The company pulled the feature from an earlier beta release over concerns that it could be abused for spam and other purposes.

This beta is only for developers for now, but it’s likely not far from a public release. The boot loop issue is an excellent example of why you shouldn’t install beta software on your primary device, so it’s best to wait for the public beta if you’re itching to try the new software.

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