iOS 18 Will Soon Warn You About Slow Chargers

Apple’s WWDC 2024 event unveiled the upcoming iOS 18 update, which has quite some ‘new’ features for iPhone users. Beyond the ability to freely customize your home screen and a fully revamped Control Center, iOS 18 introduces some hidden gems for a better user experience, which we are discovering and bringing to you as we discover them.

One such feature is the all-new slow charger warning. Identified by a Reddit user, iOS 18, currently in developers beta, will now notify you when your iPhone is connected to a slow charger.

This notification appears in the battery settings and highlights slow charging periods in the battery graph with an orange bar. The exact wattage threshold triggering the warning remains unclear, but it seems to be designed to inform users about longer charging times.

However, a user pointed out an issue: To check whether the iPhone is charging slowly or not, users have to go to Betty settings, which is something you’d do accidentally or out of annoyance. I am sure they will implement something at the dynamic island; they have to.

Another battery-related update is the introduction of more precise charging limits. Previously, iPhone users could only set a maximum charge limit of 80% to improve battery health. With iOS 18, users have more flexibility, with options to set limits at 85%, 90%, or 95%.

Overall, iOS 18 offers a range of new features. From extensive home screen customization to improved battery management, iOS 18 is promising a more personalized and user-friendly iPhone experience.

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