IDC Admits iPad Market Share is at the Top

Since the launch of the iPad in 2018, the International Data Corporation has created a media narrative around the idea that the iPad is only good for “media consumption,” and it wasn’t a serious product. But now it recognizes that iPad market share is at the top (via AppleInsider).

iPad Market Share

Tablets like the iPad have affected PC sales ever since they launched. Global tablet sales have fallen year after year for the last fifteen quarters, according to IDC’s own data. And sales have fallen faster this year, from a 5.4% drop last fall to a 13.4% drop this summer.

Image of IDC iPad market share.
IDC data. Image credit: AppleInsider

However, at the same time iPad sales have risen. Apple ships roughly 10 million iPads each quarter, and the iPad is responsible for a third of all tablet shipments. The only other tablet maker that has had decent tablet sales is Huawei.

Over the past four quarters Apple added just under two million new sales. At the same time Samsung—in second place—lost over two million unit sales. Amazon coming in at third place had annual tablet sales of 14.8 million units over the last four quarters.

Despite Apple’s premium prices, we have raw data to show that the iPad is the most popular tablet, with the most affordable model coming in at US$329.

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  • Does this article mean something. It’s just a bunch of technobabble with no value. Andrew Orr what is your point ? What exactly are you trying to tell us ? Why is it important to the reader ? if you’re trying to say the iPad is popular well that’s not news. Also did you proof your work ? When you say “Since the launch of the iPad in 2018” you lost all credibility. The first iPad was released / launched on April 3, 2010.

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