iPhone 16 Pro Rumored To Favor Rose Titanium, Drop Natural and Blue Variants

iPhone 16 Pro Rose Color

Apple is at least five months away from debuting the iPhone 16 series, but the leaks and rumors don’t seem to be stopping anytime. Something on the same note was dropped moments ago which might tell us what to expect from the top dollar variant, i.e., the iPhone 16 Pro series.

According to ShrimpApplePro’s post on X, the iPhone 16 Pro series could feature a new color called Rose Titanium and likely skip the Natural Titanium and Blue Titanium colors. The tipster cited a source from Weibo, who was quite accurate about the iPhone 14 Pro’s Purple shade that we have seen before. If this prediction goes right, there are high chances that we will see the iPhone 16 Pro line come in Space Black, White, Gray, and Rose colors.

More importantly, Apple first transitioned from gleaming stainless steel to a more sophisticated matte titanium-build finish with the current iPhone 15 Pro series, and it has received praise, and such big overhauls are unlikely with every variant. Therefore, the chances of Apple keeping the titanium remain very high, albeit, with new flavors that would speak the differentiating factor. Just so you know, the tipped lineup marks the first time since the iPhone XS which came in 2018 that Apple has omitted a Gold variant.

The black variant of the iPhone 16 Pro is reminiscent of the Space Black hue seen in the iPhone 14 Pro. Notably, Apple previously introduced a Space Black Titanium Apple Watch Edition, and there have been reports of a potential Black Titanium version for the Apple Watch Ultra. Likewise, the White Titanium iPhone 16 Pro may harken back to the white variant of the iPhone 14 Pro. While white iPhone Pro models typically feature an off-white shade for the back glass, the silver iPhone 14 Pro sported bright white glass. This could potentially return with the iPhone 16 Pro set for release this fall.

In terms of the natural titanium color, rumors suggest it may undergo a shift to a different shade of gray. Previously, what eventually became known as “natural” was referred to as titan gray in iPhone 15 Pro rumors. Nevertheless, we advise taking this piece of information with a grain of salt until more reports surround it. In other reports, the iPhone 16 Pro could sport a rumored capture button, placed below the Side Button.


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