[Update] iPhone Batteries From Third Parties Might Not Match Apple’s Price

iPhone Battery

If you follow tech news you’re probably already aware of the iPhone battery throttling debacle. In response, Apple is offering to replace iPhone batteries for US$29. But third-party vendors might not be able to absorb the lower cost like Apple can.

iPhone Batteries

Visionary Computer, an Apple Authorized Service Provider in Connecticut, made a statement yesterday regarding the issue. The company notes that, while it is lowering its iPhone battery replacement pricing to US$79.95 (which includes parts, labor, testing), it’s not possible to match Apple’s price.

Image of an iPhone taken apart to show the battery. iPhone batteries are at the heart of a new issue.

As a consumer, you have the power to choose which offering provides the best value. You can spend your time trying to get an appointment with an Apple Store, traveling to the store, waiting for your turn at the genius bar, and traveling home in order to get a $29 battery replacement. Or, you can contact us, we will promptly schedule a 1 hour window in which we can replace your battery at a cost of $79.95.

Apple is big enough to take losses when it comes to iPhone batteries, but smaller businesses may not be able to subsidize costs. It’s a reminder that the throttling issue affects all Apple-related stores and companies. While I haven’t seen comments from other vendors, it’s probable that the low cost might be Apple-only.


Another Apple Authorized Service Provider, MacManStore, says that its store can match the US$29 price; however it includes an evaluation fee, so the final cost is US$46.60.

2 thoughts on “[Update] iPhone Batteries From Third Parties Might Not Match Apple’s Price

  • Unless the small business is willing to work for minimum wage or less, then matching Apple’s price is taking a loss.

    iFixit will match Apple’s price for the battery but YOU have to do the work.

    Apple can buy these batteries in huge quantities thus allowing them to pay their employees $20 an hour to replace the batteries.

    Thus, Apple’s battery replacement is a total bargain and is highly recommended.

    Apple should just tell customers to replace their batteries every 2 years. This would drive customers to Apple’s stores where they can be tempted to buy new toys.

  • Apple is big enough to take losses when it comes to iPhone batteries

    Assuming that they are taking a loss on the battery replacement, it could amount to just a wash, or not.

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