iPhone Saved Woman’s Life During Las Vegas Shooting

A tweet from CNN’s Jason K. Morrell shows a photo of a woman’s iPhone that stopped a bullet during the Las Vegas shooting. As the story goes, the unnamed woman fled the scene in a taxi, when she found her iPhone 7 Plus with a bullet hole in it. The taxi driver took a photo of it, which shows the phone with a protective case and a hole in the bottom.

Reports aren’t clear where the iPhone was during the attack. Unverified claims say she was holding it in her hand and it protected her from harm.

This isn’t the first time an Apple device saved someone’s life. In 2015 a man’s iPhone saved him from a shotgun blast at point-blank range. Also in 2015 a teen’s life was saved by his Apple Watch when it detected a very high heart rate. And Siri helped a sick girl call emergency services during Hurricane Harvey.

3 thoughts on “iPhone Saved Woman’s Life During Las Vegas Shooting

  • This story is unconscionable, get a grip, Andrew! I will not read you anymore if you don’t. This issue has zero to do with Apple and everything to do with a kickback you may be getting from your employer, a company I increasingly hate since first signing up 30_ years ago.

  • I have a hard time believing that she could have possibly been “holding it in her hand”. With the phone being hit with enough force to do that kind of damage, it would have been ripped from her grip and sent flying.

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