iPhone SE 4 Could Release Next Year With an OLED Upgrade

iPhone SE 4

A new report from The Elec suggests Apple could release the next-generation iPhone SE in 2025 with an OLED upgrade. 

According to the report, we can expect a complete redesign with the “iPhone SE 4,” and it could see the light of day next year. Moreover, the suppliers of parts for the device have already proposed their prices to Apple for the OLED panel. 

While Apple and suppliers are still negotiating the price of the panel, the report also mentions that the iPhone SE 4 will feature “recycled parts and legacy teach,” so the prices could be “considerably lower than those of the iPhone 15.” 

Lastly, the report states that the iPhone SE 4’s OLED panel will likely be the same one as those used in iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 before that. This also means we can expect the iPhone SE 4 to feature a 6.1-inch display. 

Finally! an iPhone SE With an OLED Panel

Apple introduced the SE series as the cheapest model in the iPhone lineup. The device usually comes with a dated design used for the older iPhone but with decent specifications at an affordable price. 

The company first released the iPhone SE in 2016 with the body of the iPhone 5s. Over the years, we saw Apple release two more iPhone SE models, both with the design of the iPhone 8. While they still shipped with a dated design featuring a Home Button with Touch ID, the upgrades were mostly limited to specs. 

Despite the lower price tag and considerable hardware configuration, the outdated design of the iPhone SE models was a dealbreaker for many, as the newer models offered bigger screen real estate, Face ID, and better panels. 

It seems like Apple is finally planning to ditch the legacy design with Home Button and Touch ID for the futuristic FaceID.


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