It Will Cost $89 to Replace a Lost AirPods Pro

On Monday, Apple released the new AirPods Pro. At $249, they are noticeably more expensive than the standard AirPods. They are not cheap to replace either.

Tip: Don’t Lose Your AirPods Pro

Each lost AirPods Pro will cost $89, according to the official Apple support page. A lost Wireless Charging Case will set you back the same amount. That is compared to $69 for a lost original AirPod. The cost reduces to $29 for all these products with Apple Care+. It’s all too easy to lose one of these, but the cost of replacing should act as another incentive to be extra careful!

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Lee Dronick

Early this year I found an empty AirPod charging case. A few weeks ago our son found a pair of AirPods, I gave him the case that I found.