Jamf Helps Customers Deploy One Million M1 Macs

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In just over a year, Jamf has helped organizations deploy around one million M1 Macs, it said Tuesday. The enterprise management company also revealed that at least 74% of its customers already have an M1-powered Mac.

One Million Macs Deployed Using Jamf

Commenting on the findings, Jamf CEO Dean Hager said:

We’ve seen tremendous momentum for Macs with M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max in the market, highlighting Apple’s focus on computing power, efficiency and simplifying the customer transition to Apple Silicon on the Mac. More than ever, since the arrival of M1, it is clear that giving employees the most powerful products, and the ones that they love has a huge impact on team morale, and ultimately, workplace productivity.

Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Enterprise and Education Marketing, commented:

It’s been incredible to see the enthusiasm and momentum for the Mac lineup powered by the M1 family of chips among innovative businesses, prestigious learning institutions, and beyond. It’s a testament to their reputation and strength in the market that Jamf is working with tens of thousands of business and education customers, providing solutions that help ensure everyone can do their best work on the Mac.

Software Giants And School Systems

One use case was enterprise software firm SAP deploying 3,500 M1 Mac using Jamf. Another is Bartlett City Schools, near Memphis, Tennessee. It has 8,500 students and 1,100 employees in its school system. It deployed nearly 6,000 M1 Macs using Jamf. The company says it made the front end of the setup process much easier and helped the school system reduce the rollout time by two weeks.

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