Jamf Survey Finds 76% of Retail IT Decision-Makers Think Apple Devices Are Better

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Over three-quarters of retail IT decision-makers think Apple devices are better than Windows or Android equivalents. The figures emerged as part of a survey for Apple device management system Jamf.

Those Using Mixed System Prefer Apple, Finds Jamf

Even those that used a mixture of Apple and other products preferred the Apple ones. Jamf found that 87% of respondents who used a mix of Apple and Windows or Android devices preferred Apple devices in a retail environment. “iPad and iPhone, along with the power of the Apple app ecosystem, are being used in-store globally to allow retailers to get the most from their devices and optimize processes, engage teams and enhance the broader customer experience,” explained Josh Jagdfeld, director of alliances at Jamf.

It is clear then that mobile technology is transforming the shopping experience. The Jamf survey found that 99% of IT decision-makers surveyed had implemented at least one form of mobile technology in-store. 91% of decision-makers agreed that mobile technology enables their retail brand to be more competitive. The same amount felt it led to increased revenue by streamlining the sales process.

Problems Persist

That is not to say issues did not emerge. The survey found that 45% of respondents reported challenges in managing multiple devices’ functionalities and logins. 43% highlighted issues with security and compliance when managing multiple devices, 40% noted system integration issues, while 37% found technical issues. “Even with the multitude of benefits that mobile technology makes possible, retailers are still facing challenges when it comes to finding, deploying and managing devices across multiple applications and workflows,” Mr. Jagdeld commented.


One thought on “Jamf Survey Finds 76% of Retail IT Decision-Makers Think Apple Devices Are Better

  • I still prefer Apple products, but loathe to buy them. Yet, I’ve stuck by Apple since it began and even spent decades passionately championing its products. Why? Because I got it. But I’ve lost my passion for Apple. There’s something wrong with that. Today, Apple has become yet another behemoth corporation that squeezes customers hard as it can while delivering a less compelling product over time. Dumb. Immensely dumb actually. Apple can continue as it does mainly because many of its new customers do not demand excellence. That’s what differentiated Apple from its competitors and why I loved what it did. For decades, Apple delivered a clearly superior product at a modest premium. With that gone, meh. I’m waiting for a regime change or two guys in a garage to create the next big thing.

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