Walmart-Owned Jet.Com is Now an Apple Authorized Retailer, which Walmart bought in 2016 to take on Amazon, is now an Apple Authorized Retailer. This is a big win against Amazon because Jet offers all Apple products, while Amazon only has certain devices.

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Apple Authorized Retailer

To celebrate its new status, Jet is offering deals on certain models of MacBooks, Apple Watches, and iPhones while supplies last. It ends on May 23 so check out what it has to offer. You can get free shipping on orders over US$35, which is basically 99% of Apple products, and get it delivered in two days.

Jet is now an Apple Authorized Retailer. Image of a banner ad from Jet.

Amazon only has a small selection of Apple accessories as well as some MacBooks. It recently started selling the Apple TV again after a spat with Apple. But Jet offers all (or at least most) of the products that Apple’s own online store has.

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