Epic v Apple: Judge Dismisses Claim of Theft

The latest update in the Epic v. Apple cases involves the judge dismissing Apple’s accusation of theft towards Epic (via Bloomberg).

Theft Accusation

Epic Games sued Apple on August 13, saying that the removal of its Fortnite game from the App Store was in retaliation for its choice to use its own payment system instead of Apple’s required system.

Apple filed a countersuit in September to stop Epic from using its own payment system. It also accused Epic of theft and wanted extra monetary damages beyond breach of contract. But Judge Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers dismissed that part of the suit.

This is a high-stakes breach of contract case and an antitrust case and that’s all in my view. You can’t just say it’s independently wrongful, you actually have to have facts.

The rest of Apple’s countersuit is able to move forward.

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