Leaked iPhone 16 Pro Images Shows Off Metal Battery Case for Enhanced Thermals

  • iPhone 16 Pro is rumored to feature a marginally larger battery pack
  • Traditionally iPhone battery is wrapped with foil. However, new design uses a solid metal casing.
  • iPhone 15 Pro users have complained about overheating. Hopefully the new design should eliminate this issue on iPhone 16 Pro.
rumored thermal case for iPhone 16 Pro battery

It is no secret that Apple is working on a significant design overhaul for iPhone batteries. This would help improve battery performance and reduce size. However, the new custom in-house battery design will take some time. Meanwhile, the latest leaked iPhone 16 Pro shows off a new battery design for the iPhone 16 Pro with a metal casing.

Twitter user Kosutami has shared pictures of the alleged iPhone 16 Pro battery. Typically, Apple uses a foil to cover the battery. However, in this case, a glossy metal surface can be seen. Other changes include a redesigned connector. Talking numbers, it has a capacity of 3,355mAh instead of the 3,274 mAh battery on the iPhone 15 Pro.

As you can see iPhone’s signature L-shape is clearly visible on the prototype battery. Before we jump guns, the iPhone 16 launch is almost a year away. And anything can happen in this time frame. Apple might decide to ditch this design or make significant changes. The source of the leak, Kosutami, has proved his mettle by sharing pictures of the Apple Watch FineWoven band before the launch event.

Recently, we have seen a surge of complaints regarding iPhone 15 Pro overheating. In all likelihood, Apple is looking to improve the thermals on the iPhone 16 Pro. The metal case might be part of the solution. For the first time, Apple has used a titanium chassis as opposed to the steel chassis on the Pro. Apple shifted the blame to resource-intensive third-party apps and explained how titanium can dissipate heat better than steel. Furthermore, Apple is rumoured to be working on hardware changes that offer enhanced passive cooling.

The change in battery capacity is dismal. If the rumors are true, the iPhone 16 Pro will feature a larger battery pack. However, Apple could improve the battery performance with the help of hardware and better thermals.


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