Ledger Wallet for Crypto Adds Catalog for Decentralized Apps

Ledger app catalog

Ledger announced on Monday the introduction of a new tab in its Ledger Live app. It’s a catalog for decentralized services that users can access.

Ledger App Catalog

When it comes to cryptocurrency I like to say that currency is just the beginning. Blockchain technology has potential for so much more, such as decentralized apps (dApps) and a decentralized web.

Here are some of the services listed as Coming Soon:

  • Rainbow.me. An easy way to visualize the NFT secured by your hardware wallet.
  • DeversiFi. Trade through a self-custody decentralized exchange on Ethereum layer 2.
  • Lido. Stake any amount of Eth to Eth2 and earn daily staking rewards.
  • Zerion. Manage your entire Ethereum DeFi portfolio in one place.
  • Aave. Lend or Borrow your crypto through a decentralized lending protocol and stay in control of your funds.
  • Compound. Lend and borrow your crypto via a completely decentralized and open-source protocol.
  • 1Inch. Exchange crypto via a DeFi/DEX aggregator on Ethereum.

Ledger says that this catalog will be a place to find and use dApps, NFTs, and other decentralized services. Clicking on an app opens a window with the app’s interface. The company isn’t directly managing dApps, merely acting as a gateway to accessing them.

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