CES 2021: LG Announces World’s First Eyesafe Certified Television

LG Eyesafe Display

LG announced on Wednesday the launch of the world’s first Eyesafe certified television set. It’s a 65-inch OLED display that emits lower levels of blue light than typical TVs, like Apple’s Night Shift feature.

LG Eyesafe Display

Details on the TV are scant apart from the size and OLED technology. Instead the announcement largely revolves around Eyesafe. Eyesafe CEO Justin Barrett:

Amid the global pandemic, screen time – including use of televisions and electronic devices – continues to increase at a shocking rate, and we believe it is our responsibility to put the health of consumers first; we are proud to introduce these game-changing solutions that protect eyes at the source.

We look forward to our continued work with LG Display, as we encourage other major display manufacturers and television brands to adopt Eyesafe solutions in the near future.

The release date of this product is unknown at this time.

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