Logitech Launches ‘Folio Touch’ Trackpad Keyboard Case

Close up image of Logitech folio touch

Logitech announced today its newest product called Logitech Folio Touch. It’s a keyboard case with a built-in trackpad for the iPad Pro 11-inch.

Logitech Folio Touch

Logitech Folio Touch supports four use modes: Typing, Viewing, Sketching, and Reading. The keyboard folds back out of the way when you want to sketch, and it folds back so you can start typing again. It pairs via the Smart Connector just like Apple’s keyboards, meaning it doesn’t require its own separate power source.

The trackpad supports multi-touch gestures to swipe, scroll, switch apps, and more. The keyboard is backlit so you can easily use it day or night with adjustable light levels. It has has a row of function keys at the top.

Logitech folio touch

Logitech Folio Touch is US$159.99 and can be purchased later this month on logitech.com and apple.com.

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