macOS 15 Gets a Headphone Functionality That Has Been on iPhones Since 2020

Apple’s upcoming macOS Sequoia i.e. macOS 15, currently in beta testing for developers, introduces a new accessibility feature: Headphone Accommodations. This functionality, previously available only on iPhones and iPads, lets users customize the audio experience for compatible AirPods and Beats headphones.

This feature helps users with mild hearing loss or those who prefer a stronger emphasis on quieter audio elements. You can choose between different amplification levels (slight, moderate, or strong) to boost the volume of softer sounds in music, podcasts, movies, and phone calls.

Additionally, Headphone Accommodations allow fine-tuning the audio balance to improve specific frequency ranges. This can be helpful for people with specific hearing sensitivities or preferences. This was first introduced in iPhones and iPads in 2020 with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, respectively.

It is accessible through System Settings > Accessibility > Audio; Headphone Accommodations offer options to amplify soft sounds and adjust specific frequencies.

According to Apple’s developer website, adjustments made on a Mac using Headphone Accommodations (specifically for second-generation AirPods Pro) will persist when using those headphones with other devices.

“Fixed: Headphone Accommodations won’t be applied to headphones. (128964879)

Credits to MacRumors for sighting this

Public beta testing for macOS Sequoia is expected in July, with a full release anticipated in September or October. AirPods have also received a firmware update.

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